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Verb Cabin is a digital media consulting...cabin rooted in style and authenticity. 

Original Films

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Verb Cabin likes making media. All kinds -- we do not discriminate. Our original work is some of favorite. Whether in collaboration with a client or independently made, Verb Cabin Original Films reflect our values of telling good stories about interesting people in cool places around the world. 

World Stage - Haiti 

In conjunction with world-renown artist Kehinde Wiley, Verb Cabin presents a short documentary film about Mr. Wiley's .

The Waterman

Mark Healey is a world-class athlete with unique opinions and incredible drive. In partnership with Saxx Underwear, Verb Cabin proudly presents "The Waterman" -- a short film about sustainably harvesting food from the big, blue ocean. 


Untitled Grateful Dead Project - 2019

Follow renowned drummer Joe Russo on a global journey uncovering the gospel of the Grateful Dead.